Sunday, December 07, 2008

Medical Practice Management Software - EzMedPro

By Sandrick Melbouci


With today's rising healthcare costs and the baby boomers needing care, it is important to automate medical records, billing, ...etc in the everyday provider's tasks. For patients, they want the best care. They want to get an appointment with a doctor when they are not feeling well and not wait few days for a possible care. And when they show up at the doctor's office, they want the best care.
The best care comes when the provider knows our medical history and can be accessed quickly on each visit.

How do we make the provider more efficient?
Well, we need to look at how to optimize the time the provider spends in tasks other then seeing patients.
I will try to list some that every patient may have seen:

1- Medical Records are on paper and hard to find, the doctor does not go through every pages of our record. He looks at the last visit. We need to have a way to show the medical history summary of the patient that can be seen by the provider without going through 30 pages.
2- Medical Coding is another area of headache. To put it in simple words, a visit to doctor has a code (that's a CPT code) and diagnosis is another code (that's the ICD code). These codes are used to submit the claim to the insurance company.
3- Billing is critical to raise revenue for a practice. Having a system that generates a bill for each visit and manage the receivable accounts will help the providers save time. However, I have seen that these two functions are usually managed by two different systems. EzMedProis a software that integrates these 2 functions.
4- Insurance Claims , this is an area I believe needs the most improvement. The Insurance companies make it hard for both the provider and the patient when it comes to pay a claim. Today there are two way to get a claim processed:
- HCFA form and send it by mail
- Electronic Claims
5- Scheduling is not really an issue but need to be mentioned for large practices to run reports and send reminders to the patients prior to their appointment.

The potential solution
The solution is to automate the daily tasks as much as possible. Basically we need to automate at the least the 5 tasks I listed above: Scheduling, billing, insurance claims, medical coding and medical records.
Not only do these task need automation but they need to be integrated within one system in compliance with HIPAA.

There are certain number of systems that provide some type of solution. However, for most of the providers, affordability is an issue, until now. EzMedPro is a Medical Practice Management Software that integrates all the tasks I listed above and is available for a price under $300.

The Objective is to make the provider focus on the patient. EzMedPro Software from DSOFT Systems provides the lead way for affordable software with efficiency for providers.

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