Friday, January 02, 2009

Page Rank 4 in 60 days

How to accomplish google page rank 4 in 60 days?

By Sandrick (Sadi) Melbouci

At the end of this year - 2008, I got a nice christmas surprise. My site went from google rank 0 "zero" to 4 in 60 days.
My web site, Practice Management Software, was first crawled sometime in the end of October. I decided to increase the rank of my site and traffic with a minimum budget. I laid out a plan and below, I will discuss the tasks that I executed in the sequence that they appear.

Page Header Elements

Designed the pages to be SEO friendly with modern web page build design. Paid attention to the following:
- Page title
The name of web page has the name of the title
- Page header
The title has the first H1 header in the page
- Meta description
The page description has the title in it as the first sentence.
- Meta tag keyword
3 to 4 keywords per page.

Page Design

- Usage of CSS
Take advantage of modern web page design. Styles should be defined in a CSS document that references the elements, IDs, and classes in the XHTML document.
- Page size
Google only crawls the first 100k. Kept the page to less then 50k
- Eliminate Obsolete or deprecated HTML
Use modern design techniques and used proper combination of XHTML and CSS

Link popularity
- Submitted the site to the major search engines including Yahoo, Google, Altavista, ...etc
- Submitted the site to web directories: Yahoo, DMOZ, Allweb, BOTW ...etc, submitted the site to the correct caegories. This will provide one way link to your site.
- Started a blog and wrote articles on the subject related to my site.
- I commented on other blogs related to my site
- Added an RSS feed to my site
- Made the keywords as the anchors
- Finally, I have exchanged links with other sites on the same subject domain as my site. Making sure that the anchor in the link is one of my keywords.

Keyword Density
- I focused on 3 to 4 keywords per page that were defined in the keyword meta data header element.
- I wrote the text in the body for the potential customers describing my product without repeating too much the same keywords and used bold where needed.
- Put one keyword in alt image attribute and title
- Put one keyword in name and title of the link attribute


I have noticed that some of the ads from Google and Yahoo advertised as content (This type of ad appear on some articles related to subject described in the ad). When these sites get crawled, The search engine counted it as one way link.
I guess this might be a temporal link but counts to increase both the organic and advertised traffic.

That's all. It worked like charm.

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